nakanohara ginrei


  • 山の宿 中の原ぎんれい
  • 山の宿 中の原ぎんれい
  • 山の宿 中の原ぎんれい
  • 山の宿 中の原ぎんれい
  • 山の宿 中の原ぎんれい
  • 山の宿 中の原ぎんれい
This is a quiet mountain lodge located at 850m up in the highlands of Mt. Daisen. We strive to provide warm hospitality by providing an at-home environment and seasonal food that uses local produce from the land and ocean. The 4 different seasons each have their own activities that can be enjoyed at Mt. Daisen such as nature sight-seeing, hiking and skiing. How about you come and relax at Mt. Daisen too?
※ During the winter season, the road in front of the lodge is closed both ways,
so please use the Daisen-ji Temple parking area.
Guest capacity 120 people (Maximum is 170 people)
Number of rooms 28 Japanese style rooms(with TV and air conditioning/heating but no bathroom or toilet)
Restaurant 170 seats
Conference rooms 1 room fitting 100 people,
  1 room fitting 50 people and
  1 room fitting 30 people
Parking 15 cars
  ※During the winter, our parking space is within the ski slopes, so please use the Daisen-ji Temple’s paid parking area instead.

Regarding the baths

※ Our hot springs are mineral artificial hot springs. It can be used between the hours of 15:00 until 9:00 in the next morning.
※ Conditioning shampoo, soap and hair dryers supplied
※ Each room is not equipped with bathtubs and toilets. They are shared.

Regarding the baths

※ Small towels, tooth brushes and yukata (an informal cotton kimono) are provided. However, yukata are not supplied for children.
※ Bath towels are not provided, so please bring your own, or they can be borrowed for a fee.
※ Please enjoy both breakfast and dinner at the restaurant on the 1st floor.
※ The shown price is the price excluding consumption tax for 1 person per night including 2 meals.
Winter season ( December ~ March)
Adult (Junior high school students or older)
1 person per night including 2 meals
Weekdays 7800 yen~
Green season (April ~ November)
Adult (Junior high school students or older)
1 person per night including 2 meals
Weekdays 8000 yen

Houba Leaf Kaiseki Course

The main dish in this course has an appetizing and fragrant aroma as the local Mt. Daisen Chicken and slightly sweet miso are grilled over houba leaf (bract leaf).

Chef’s Selection Course

The main in this course is a hot pot, and it is by chef’s selection only. Children’s menu will be the same as the adults.

■ Tokyo → Okayama → Yonago Railroad Station (about 5 hours 30 minutes)
■ Osaka → Okayama → Yonago Railroad Station (about 3 hours )

※From Yonago Railroad Station
 By Bus to Daisen-ji bus stop (about 50 minutes)
 By Taxi (about 30 minutes)

■ Tokyo(Haneda) → Yonago Kitro Airport (about 1 hour 15 minutes)

※From Yonago Kitaro Airport
 By Bus (via Yonago Station)
 To Yonago Railroad Station (about 25 minutes) → To Daisen-ji bus stop (about 50 minutes)
 By Taxi or Rental car (about 50 minutes)